Saddle 'N Hat

Many cowboys didn't own a horse but with a good saddle they could get a job just about anywhere. The saddle had to be strong enough to hold a roped calf, and comfortable enough to withstand the long hours spent on the range. A hat was also a necessity, protecting him from the harsh sun, rain, and winter elements and providing him a way whereby he could signal others, fan a campfire, swat a horse, or pull water out of a stream. Many cowboys personalized their hats with decorative hat bands and added intricate tooling and silver inlays to their saddles. In the 1870s, a custom-made saddle cost between $30 and $50 which was a lot of money to a cowhand making a dollar a day, but such a saddle lasted as long as 20 years.

Open Edition — 2.5"H x 4.5"W x 5.5"D — $400

Saddle 'N Hat

Saddle 'N Hat - Back Right View

Saddle 'N Hat - Back Left View

Saddle 'N Hat - Front View