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Welcome to my Gallery of Limited Edition western bronzes and oil paintings that embrace and celebrate America’s western heritage.

When I relocated to Arizona from Wisconsin, I was intrigued by the history and traditions of the west. I visited historical sights. I attended local rodeos, shooting exhibitions, and calf-roping contests. I read books dealing with the legends of the west. I studied the artwork of Remington. When I began sculpting, I was thus inspired to create traditional cowboy sculptures that would show the action, the energy, the spirit and the freedom of the west I knew so I could share with others some of the heritage I found so exciting.

Over the years, I expanded my repertoire to include Native American, Equine & Wildlife, and a few Romantic & Classical sculptures. My Native American collection focuses more on the spiritual, mystical aspects than the traditional, historical image. I do not depict a single tribe or individual but create generic images suggested by the folklore I have studied, then blend these images in mystique and a sophisticated contemporary appearance.

Hugh Blanding working on 'Ropin Pardners'

Action, detail, and anatomical correctness are the hallmarks of all of my sculptures and paintings as is my passion to capture the energy and the tremendous muscular stress exhibited by my subjects. These qualities lend excitement to my pieces and my unprecedented attention to detail makes them come to life.

Although Western Art will always remain my first love, I recently decided to create some non-western-themed oil paintings and began a Marina Series. My hallmarks of detail, realism, and authenticity are also found in this series as well as delightful bursts of color.

If you have any questions regarding my sculptures or paintings or would like to purchase a specific work of art, please send me a message via the Contact page and I will do my best to assist you.

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Visit Hugh in Studio 72 at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO, January 12 thru March 26, 2018. Here you will see his bronze sculptures and his Marina and Western original oil paintings.

Wild & Free


38 Boats

"38 BOATS"

Twilight Reflections


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